I-Series Asset Allocation Worksheet

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$0.00 100%
Current AllocationFDIC Insured CashAmount: $80.00Percentage: 5.48 %

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Large Cap Growth
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Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets Small Cap
International REIT
Aggregate Bond
High Yield Bond
US Short Treasury Bond
FDIC Insured Cash

TOTALS $0.00 100%
Strategic Model Portfolio III

This is a very basic asset allocation tool that has inherent limitations. This calculator does not take into account any personal factors such as your age, tax situation, investment objectives and time horizons, risk tolerance, when you may need to start taking withdrawals and other relevant variables.

The results are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to provide personal financial advice. The decision on how to allocate your assets and which investments to buy and sell rests with you. Determining the appropriate asset allocation model for a financial goal is a complicated task. Please consult with your financial advisor regarding your unique situation.

Before making any decisions to re-allocate any of your assets:

  • Review the risks associated with different asset classes and their historic returns over time.
  • Consider the tax consequences of selling investments held outside a tax-deferred plan.
  • Determine where you would incur a fee for selling an existing investment.

Please review the Investment Selection form for any Transamerica I-Series® model portfolio you are considering for the model's investment objective, strategies and risks, and see the Transamerica I-Series® Program Client Agreement, Form ADV Part 2A Appendix 1, for a complete description of all fees, cost and expenses.