Investment Strategies

Transamerica I-Series® is a suite of portfolios that seek to assist clients in meeting their investment goals by providing diversified portfolios that employ strategic, alternative and tactical asset allocation strategies.

Transamerica I-Series® Strategic

Strategic Portfolios I-VI are based on asset allocations developed by Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA). These asset allocations include asset classes such as equity, fixed income, real estate and cash. For clients who seek further diversification and/or tax efficiency, the Strategic Portfolios are also available with varying degrees of exposure to the commodity and/or municipal fixed income markets.

Portfolio I (Ultra Conservative)
Portfolio II (Conservative)
Portfolio III (Moderate Conservative)
Portfolio IV (Moderate)
Portfolio V (Moderate Aggressive)
Portfolio VI (Aggressive)

Transamerica I-Series® Global Fixed Income

Strategic Global Fixed Income (GFI) seeks long-term total returns by investing across major fixed income sub-asset classes. This strategy may be considered by those who have an investment time horizon of 1+ years and who are looking for long-term total returns at reasonable risk.

Global Fixed Income Portfolio

Transamerica I-Series® Social Impact Portfolios

The Social Impact Portfolios are based on asset allocations developed by Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA). These asset allocations include asset classes such as equity, real estate, fixed income and short-term bonds. The Social Impact Portfolios are focused on responsible investing factors including: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Social Impact Portfolios

Transamerica I-Series® Strategic Alternative Portfolio

TFA designed the Strategic Alternative Portfolio to invest in mutual funds, to provide a hedge against inflation with low correlation to both equity and fixed income asset classes regardless of the economic environment. To learn more about the I-Series Strategic Alternative Portfolio please click on the link below:

Strategic Alternative Portfolio

Transamerica I-Series® Managed Risk Portfolio

This strategy seeks to grow assets through diversified exposure to stocks while attempting to reduce declines in the portfolio value by changing portfolio allocations. Allocations are changed when the potential for significant declines in stock markets changes materially as determined by the Portfolio Management Committee(PMC).

Managed Risk Portfolio

Transamerica I-Series® US Strategic Growth

I-Series US Strategic Growth seeks to aggressively grow capital via a 100% equity investment in U.S. stocks focused on Growth, Technology and Healthcare. The strategy will hold equities throughout a bear market and will not seek to reduce equity downside during such times. Instead, the strategy will seek tax efficiency by reducing trading frequency and preferring long-term gains and losses over short-term gains and losses.

US Strategic Growth